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Employee Engagement Campaign

Our annual engagement campaign services feature easy to use tools that help you gather data and interpret the results into something actionable.

Using Typeform integration we will help you collect the data you need by asking the right questions and crafting customised surveys on your behalf (What's more, we'll even setup your Typeform Pro+ account for you!). We will manage the entire distribution of your survey to ensure you get the best response rates possible.

Once you have reviewed and approved your campaign, your employees will be emailed links to complete the annual survey online (through their already familiar employee hub). Our technology will track engagement scores for each segment of your business, applying a unique weighting based on what's important to your cultural strategy.

Your client dashboard will be upgraded to include real-time analytics on the responses and trend analysis to track your employee engagement levels over time. Our user friendly interface also has a nifty filtering system to view results by type and demographic, and you can even share your pre-filtered reports online.

You can set your own campaign duration, and once the end date is reached the results will be callibrated to build regular Pulse surveys that target and monitor your particular "hotspot" areas.

If you have staff without internet access, we can help with that as well. Just ask.

Change Management

As an optional extra our team of HR experts can help drive through change programs at your site (that tie in with targeted Pulse feedback), helping you further analyse your data, build a bespoke action plan, and deliver workshops, team building or entire programs of cultural change.

Whatever your engagement goals, emuHR can help you deliver tangible results.

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