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Our Pulse tools are the anonymous “heartbeat monitors” of your business. Feel free to contact us to discuss how they can help you.
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Pulse Surveys

We believe that whilst the annual engagement survey is crucial to benchmarking your company's level of employee engagement and helping build on your retention strategy, it's not enough. We can do better.

The emuHR solution offers a real-time employee feedback system that builds on the results of your annual engagement campaign.

With short and frequent survey questions included as part of our employee engagement campaign, "Pulse" targets the specific areas that are important to your cultural strategy but that aren't scoring as highly as you might like.

With live metrics and stats delivered to your client dashboard our Pulse tool enables you to continuously adjust management practices and the work environment throughout the remainder of the year.

Our Pulse tools give employees a way to express their feelings and provide direct feedback, and helps managers and HR focus on the impact each strategy has on individual people. It's a win, win.

Change Management

As an optional extra our team of HR experts can help drive through change programs at your site (that tie in with targeted Pulse feedback), helping you further analyse your data, build a bespoke action plan, and deliver workshops, team building or entire programs of cultural change.

Whatever your engagement goals, emuHR can help you deliver tangible results.

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